Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh, them soft kitties...

Sunday quickie, with only one photo: my fave indie brand Darling Diva Polish' own Soft Kitty.

Three problem free coats. Soft pastel glitters, sprinklings of iridescent glitters, and pink shimmer in lightly tinted pink base. The overall pink color is on the cooler side, leaning towards a violet in some lights, which makes it more tempting to me personally.

My pinks have to be something extra, and not make me feel like a conservative elderly lady, which makes Soft Kitty right on. When you're a person who typically wears green, teal, blue and purple, a soft, pastel pink is sometimes really freakin' spectacular. Also, no decent crazy catlady like myself can ever resist a good kitty named polish.

This product was purchased with own funds.

Swedish expression of the day:
mjuk katt soft kitty
Mjuk really is a soft word.


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