Sunday, December 30, 2012

The best of the best in 2012

Just like last year, I'm giving you the best of the best from the past year, meaning the manicures I put some extra thought and effort into. Apparently I wasn't anywhere near as successfully creative compared to last year, but here the selected ones are anyway.

Seamlessly spotted - Black creme base, Girly Bits Into the Night, and finally OPI Black Spotted. A patchy, less uniform space manicure. I love space manicures. See the full post here.

The Homa manicure - combining two colors and finishes in 3 + 2 on one hand and then reversed on the other. This was my first and most successful combination, consisting of OPI I Brake for Manicures and Sally Hansen Purple Gala. Although somewhat creative and fun, this was not my idea, but blatantly stolen from ...Yeah, who invented the Homa anyway? See the full post here.

Rainforest - a layered manicure where the glitter is not on top, but in between a creme base and a sheer duochrome shimmer. This is China Glaze Starboard, LA Girl Glitter Addict Purge, and the duochrome top is Ozotic 503 Rainforest. See the full post here.

Which one of these is your favourite?


  1. I love all these vampy manicures you chose. The last one is really impressive and somehow I missed that post - d'oh!

  2. Rainforest... one of my all time faves :)

  3. Rainforest....but it was a tough choice!

  4. Wow!!! These nail colors are so pretty! Love the dark colored nail polish for it looks so elegant and classy. Actually it is really hard to choose the best =)

  5. Freat nails! Brilliant
    kiss kiss


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