Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Depend on..?

And now something entirely different. As I mentioned in my previous post, Swedish fall is now fullblown and dark and rotten. So to be able to swatch anything at all, I had to completeloy turn myself around and do flash lit swatch photos, in the evening, at my kitchen table. Also I'm holding bottles - very rare. What is it I'm going to show you? Some of the previously quick swatched Depend colors for fall. I picked out the ones that had me the most intrigued. Behold.

324. Ultramarine sorta blue creme. Lovely shade. This is two so called generous coats, but to be safe, three thinner coats would be better. Please excuse the small smudge on the pinky nail.

325. Green base with blue shimmer. Another lovely shade. This was two or three coats - I have sadly forgotten.

326. Teal green creme. Also needs three coats. Perhaps not very unique, but a nice shade of teal.

331. Very sheer blue jelly with blue and purple small glitters. Not really sparkly at all, mostly weird. Even in the dim kitchen lamp light you can tell this is the kind of jelly that makes your nail line look gross, but if you're into that, and weird blue jellies, perhaps three to four coats of this is what you want.

334. Off-white jellyish creme with pink and unidentifiable (are they white? silver?) small glitters that adds texture and a speckled look more than actual glitz. This was two good coats. While 331 may be perceived as a huge failure, 334 certainly has its qualities, in that it's a bit unconventional despite its feminine, classic colors. This is like crushed candy cane in a bottle, or like Swedish polkagrisar. Sadly, this is a very gritty polish, and that's why I'm hoping a smaller or independent brand will make a more eventful polkagris polish - perhaps for Christmas?

I have already provided you with my thoughts on the collection these are part of, but as these have now been swatched on actual nails, I may add that I'm still a bit disappointed in the pigmentation of these. Depend have a previous track record of great coverage, which is always preferable when keeping in mind that they come in 5 ml mini bottles, but the cremes of this collection needed more coating than I'm used to from Depend. I hope this problem won't persist in future collections.

That aside, some of these are really nice if you're into the less conventional colors.

These products were sent for reviewing purposes by the manufacturer.

Swedish word of the day:
godis -noun candy
Could use some.


  1. 334! Is so so gorgeous! I love the glitter!

    Jazz x

  2. I love the teal and blue cremes...so rich!

  3. 324, 326 and 334 are screaming my name.

  4. De tre översta där är ju hur fina som helst. Tror jag valde ut dem bland mina fem favoriter också, men det verkar ju inte som att jag får hem dem ändå. :D

    1. 25 spänn för 5 ml är fan dyrt för sådana som vi. Förstår att du undviker lokala handeln. :D


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