Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seamless spots

Finally, I have the super special edition OPI Black Spotted! Limited to resale only in French Sephora stores, my friend Malin helped me get it while she was in France - but it wasn't until she actually placed the bottle in my hand I undestood how much work she put into finding it for me. Apparently, the only Sephora in Marseille which carried it at the time was the one she didn't visit until a local friend of her told her she had to go in there and take a look, while Malin was severely pouting because of her unsuccessful search. That time, she, and more so, I, got lucky! Thank you so much, Malin.

A while ago I also placed my first order with Girly Bits, and one I got was Into the Night, a spectacular reflective glitter, possibly prismatic. At first glance I didn't see the resemblence with what I thought I ordered, but that was until I reached for the sun... The arrival of my OPI Black Spotted was just a day later, and I eagerly tried it on top of aaall test wheel swatches I had in front of me. The combination below caught my fancy.

One coat of Girly Bits Into the Night over a black creme, and then topped off with Black Spotted. Flecked universe?! This is either really cool or a total waste. I haven't decided yet. No, wait - it is cool. You can't really tell what's been done here, there's no spotted effect, but a random cover up effect that makes the glitter even more alive. That, plus I've always been a sucker for Space In A Bottle polishes, and this is just another way of creating that - perhaps with even more creative freedom.

OPI Black Spotted was a personal gift.
Girly Bits Into the Night was purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
fläck -noun spot
Strangely appealing.


  1. Oh wow, this is gorgeous!! What a fun combo!

  2. That looks more like space than any other manicure I've ever seen. O.O Amazing!

  3. Det funkar visst hur bra som helst i en sådan där kombination! Svart glitterlack och Black Spotted är alltså grejen.
    Nu slipper jag fundera på om jag ska behålla min flaska eller inte.

  4. Lucky you to have Black Spotted - but I cannot see it hardly at all done over this base - your photos are always so amazing - please bring this one to us over some other bases that make Black Spotted show up more.

  5. oooooooh I love this! galaxy/nightsky nails made easy! I'll have to try that combination right away!!


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