Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh, Carrie...

Today, one of the most amazeballs nail polishes I've tried this year, I do believe. It's yet another one from Darling Diva Polish - what can I say, I really dig Carrie's polishes. And incidently, this great sauce is named just that. Carrie.

The last photo was provided by my DSLR, the camera I have a love/hate relationship with. If I actually had a macro lens for it, it would only be a loving relationship, but now it's not, so all the other photos were shot with my compact, and it does not make iridescent glitters and shimmers look as good.

Above is, if I'm to trust my memory, two coats of Carrie over China Glaze Reggae to Riches. Some of the fine blue shimmer is really the China Glaze, which makes it the perfect base for Carrie. I have to put in a disclaimer here though: Reggae to Riches stains like nothing else. After removal, my nails were bright red! So if staining scares you, pick another base. I did Carrie over OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips on a friend, and it looked just as fierce. (She got a lot of compliments.)

Yeah, this is truly one of the best this year, I simply love it, adore it, I would even have its baby! When I wore this I was completely mesmerized by the look of my nails, I would hold my hands under the table (iridescent glitters always look their best in low light) just to get another shot of goosebumps. That happens to me with some polishes you know, the ones that are just so aesthetically appealing that my body starts to work stuff on its own. I still get the chills when I look at my own photos. If you're going to buy only one polish from Darling Diva Polish, let it be Carrie.

But you know, I grew up, and still live, in Upplands Väsby, outside Stockholm, Sweden. What is this little god forgotten hole most known for? Yeah, that's right. Take a trip down my childhood memory lane with this song:

Carrie was a gift.
Reggae to Riches was purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
underbar -adjective wonderful
Some stuff just are.


  1. this is gorgeous, the pink really reminds me of OPI's pompeii purple in this picture with some flecks

    1. Yes! In fact, Reggae to Riches is all that I wanted Pompei Purple to be. Pompei Purple is MUCH more timid. :D

  2. Det här lacket, i kombination med låten jag lyssnar på (inte Carrie), ger mig hjärtevärk för att det är så fint.

    Det ser helt fantastiskt ut på dig.

  3. Nice polish, gorgeous song! ;)
    Who wasn't in love with Joey Tempest when he sang this song...? ;)

  4. I feel ya on the love hate with a dslr! I borrowed my sister's macro lens once and it wasn't an auto focus so it was a pain to use!

  5. Total flipping drool-fest! Lovely mani!

  6. Väsby? Då ska jag vinka varje gång jag åker till jobbet :D

    Snuskigt snyggt lack också...


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