Friday, April 27, 2012

Yet another ... Untitled franken

Do you remember my two untitled, dusty and dirty frankens? I told you there is a third one, and here it finally is. The question is, is it better, or is it actually worse? At least it's just as untitled as the previous two.

Three coats - this one turned out more sheer than the two previous. I was still aiming for a dirty pink color, and yes, I used a pink component, but adding a grey shimmer made it... I don't know, a taupe leaning purple?! At least in some lighting situations. But that may just be the grey shimmer confusing the eye.

What did I use? Just like before, it's my beloved frankening glitter Uninhibited, from the LA Girl Glitter Addict line. The shimmer portions (dark and silver) comes from Misa Grey Matters, and this is actually the larger bulk of the polish, while it has had just a few drops of pink - I believe I used the same creme mini from H&M as in the pink with black glitter franken. There may also be a few drops of white and/or black creme. I honestly don't remember anymore, and I always tweak my frankens without ever counting drops, and I certainly don't write them down!

This probably won't really be a problem - why would anyone want to imitate this polish? I'm torn over the resluts. It sure is different, but is it different in a good way, or bad? Undecided. I know I think the black glitters aren't covered enough because of the sheerness of the base.

What do you think about this effort?

Swedish word of the day:
blanda -verb mix
I obviously like doing it.


  1. Beautiful, looks like the shell of a birds egg.

  2. I like what you did! Looks a bit like stones..

  3. Jag tycker verkligen om den här färgen och funderar på att köpa lacken du nämner bara för att försöka gör en likadan själv. ^^

  4. Blev inte så imponerad av färgen i det här lacket, men jag planerar att efterapa den vita varianten en vacker dag.

  5. I love this!!!! :D

  6. Pretty!!! I'm a new follower, would love if you would please follow me on my blog aswell! : )

  7. So marvelously pretty and perfectly suited to spring's light, fresh palette. It's like if a lilac bush was sprinkled with pixie dust :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead,

  8. Fabulous! I love frankening speckled polishes too.

  9. I absolutely love the dusty pale pink/purple shades and the glitters inside makes this one a stunner :)

  10. I love it. Its kinda subtle. In a city-dusted flower kinda way. I wish it was for sale..


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