Thursday, February 23, 2012

Underwater gold

First of all, I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post for all the heartwarming words! It, of course, helps a lot knowing that there is a bunch of people who reads and actually enjoys this blog. Sometimes us humans truly are our own worst enemies, and I'm definitely no exception - I can be downright cruel to myself. And as some of you pointed out: the lack of sun may have taken its toll, and though the winter has (so far) been shorter this year than the previous two, it still feels like it's been going on forever. Well, the sun is shining outside my window now, and I still have a few unpublished manicures to show, so let it happen!

Here's one I was much excited about, as it was gifted to me from one of my European friends: Essence Underwater, the newer version.

I think this was two coats. Coverage is great with this one! Really subtle shimmer specks that almost never shines through. Unfortunately. I love the idea and it looks fabulous in the bottle, but I wanted the bits and pieces to show more, though I like that they're sparse. Sparse particles in polishes are definitely underrated.

Then, I had a couple of beers and went all in, so to speak. I don't know...

Colors show up a little crazy here, some photos have been color corrected, perhaps too much. The Essie As Gold as it Gets half-moons are freehand. Yes, it's true! For alcohol induced nailart, it's rather OK, don't you think? Maybe I was walking the fine line between the typical self-esteem boost and total drunkenness. I also added one coat of the CND Sapphire Sparkle effect, which is of course fuckin' a, as I, which you know by now, love duochrome and blue and purple. I also love blue and gold together, not so much because I'm Swedish, but because it somehow makes me think of sinful Arabic nights. You know. One Thousand and One Nights.

So... Anyway. That's it for today.

Swedish word of the day:
februarisol -noun February sun
It's very nice, actually.


  1. Really, really pretty ♥
    And I love this variation with glitter

  2. Gorgeous!! :D I love the humor in you writing!! XD

  3. Sinful Arabian nights! I love that! Sexy!

  4. I died at "had a couple of beers and went all in." I love that you can do BURRS AND POLISH. :)

  5. I love everything you did with this! Your plain and beered up mani rocks! Feel better, soak up any sunshine you can get! Take care

  6. This base color is a little to blank for me but with different sparkles is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you prepared for us in the next few days


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