Sunday, January 29, 2012

Colors from OPI's Holland, part II

Sunshine! And I woke up in time. Actually, honestly, my SO woke me up and said "It's sunny today, so if you need to swatch, you should!". Yeah. So... You should perhaps thank my SO for this post.

I took out three more OPI Holland colors, and these are the ones you'll get to see today.

I Have a Herring Problem, three coats. The sun washed the color out, but I took a bunch of pics in different lights, so you'll have an idea. And look at this bottle macro:

You can tell what's going on here, right? Yes, a lot. Dusty, slightly teal blue base with silver and gold shimmer, and some of those little black bits that enhances the dirty look in such an awesome way. This is my favourite polish of the collection, and almost a bit daring for an OPI. It somewhat corresponds to I Don't Give a Rotterdam!, but this color is even better.

Pedal Faster Suzi!, three coats. A cool, light pink with heavy silver shimmer - though the sun makes it look warmer here than it actually is. This is a pink I can get behind. Most of you know by now that I'm not really into the pink spectrum, but there is actually quite a big chance I'll wear this one. It's rather sheer though, so you'll need all three coats, and you may still detect some visible nail line. I just wish OPI would have made this one to correspond with I Don't Give a Rotterdam! and I Have a Herring Problem as well, thrown in some of those black bits. That would have rendered a really interesting and more unusual shade of pink.

Thanks a WindMillion, two coats. I wish I had done three, but most of you will be content with the two. Pretty straight forward medium, dusty green creme. It's not bad, it's just not that exciting. And you're reading a greens enthusiast here. I feel like this shade is a year or two too late, and would have fitted better in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection from last summer. I'll probably slap it on at some point, but it's not very high on my can't-wait-to-wear list.

All these were good to work with, though the shimmers are on the sheer side. Pedal Faster Suzi! had an undesirably long drying time, apart from that all three are of standard OPI formula.

I read somewhere that these will be out in stores on February 8th in the US, so if I hurry up a bit, you just may get to see the rest before that. Let's hope for some sun!

Swedish word of the day:
väderkvarn -noun windmill
Perhaps the English word for it is prettier.


  1. I'm actually super surprised at how much I like the looks of Pedal Faster, Suzi. I am not a pink person, like, at all, but PFS is one of the ones from this collection that I really want!

  2. "I Have a Herring Problem" and "Pedal Faster, Suzi" look amazing! Blue is not my colour, thoug, so I'll probably get just PFS.

  3. I like I Have a Herring Problem most. I don't like the fact it's a 3 coater (most OPI colors I like are). Thanks a WindMillion is also a very nice color, but as you said - a couple of years too late.

  4. I really really like these!

  5. Waaah! I want these now! Need all the shimmers!!

  6. I'm absolutely in love with I Have a Herring Problem, it's such an unusual shade.
    It's a shame though that it requires 3 coats.

  7. GOSH i want so many of these! I'm passing on my 11 questions to you! :)

  8. The Herring Problem is a beauty. There are 2 blues in this collection however that are sooooo close to each other. I don't understand why they would do 2 in the same dusty huge, just one a tish darker than the other. Also, there is a super close dupe to I think it's the lighter blue in this collection that is in the new Truth collection from Zoya called Skylar. Also your least fav here, Windmillion has a dupe as well in the new Truth Zoya collection in a shade called Bevin. I adore the Suzi peddle faster despite I don't normally wear light pinks - but this one has so much shimmer to it, I really cannot wait to get my hands on it. There is a 3rd similar one in the Zoya and Holland collections in the lighter purple called Lotus in the Zoya collection and I am forgetting what it's called here in the OPI set without going to look it up. So heads up folks..if you normally get both collections, look at the shades really carefully - I cannot imagine how each company got so close to the same shade releases at the same time of the year...spies? or just total coincidence?

  9. Oh the release is Feb 4th in the US on this collection. The Zoya Truth collection has been out for a # of weeks already.

  10. Oh, forgot to mention - OPI did those black pepper speckles in the great topper from the French Open Serena Williams collection in Sparke de Triumph remember? It was edgy for OPI then and still is now in Herring...I love the little tiny black dots in both.

  11. The first two shades are super nice and also pink looks so lovely on you (I hope you will wear it more often) ;)

  12. these are so pretty O-O also I tagged you in 11 questions, check it out on my blog:)


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