Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friendly cabochons

Of course I'm no better than anyone else - trying to resist making my own nail polish cabochon jewelry was impossible. I have already posted about my epic cat's eye cabochon, made from Chanel Péridot, but why not post some more?

Making cabochons for friends is perhaps even more fun than making them for one self, because you can make them rather personal. I like giving stuff to my friends, and while some get mandatory manicures when they come over for a visit, not all wear nail paint. But most wear jewelry on some occasion, and by making them from polish, of course they can't forget about their friend Feline. ;) You may click to enlarge these photos.

This one was made for my former co-worker Gerd. She sports nubbinized, unpainted nails, like most nursing assistants are required to, but she did actually wear this cabochon pendant. Gerd likes outdoor activities, and loves strolling in the woods, so she got a magic forest green piece with flakies to remind of leaves. I have forgotten what I used, but I know for certain that Nfu Oh 56 and INM Northern Lights holographic topcoat were polishes involved.

This smooth blue holographic pendant was made for my friend and former neighbour Kajsa. She loves blue, and OPI DS Sapphire seemed perfect for her. I proved to be right, and she wanted to have her nails manicured with the same shade.

When asked about preferences, my friend and former forensic psychiatry tutor Malin chose a ring. Same oversize cabochon (I like using the 30x40 mm ones), with her favourite polish BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl. She received manicures with this particular lacquer more than once, and always asks for it, so making her a lasting ring seemed like the thing to do. The photos doesn't do this ring justice, but I think most of you by now know what Hermosa Surfer Girl looks like!

I still have a bunch of cabochons, settings and neck wires, so maybe, some day, when I find inspiration, I'll make more. But for now, I think I got most of the jewelry creation itch out of my system.

Swedish words of the day:
glas -noun glass
not to be confused with
glass -noun ice cream
Both works, though.


  1. Kjempefine! Hvor kjøper du ringer og steiner? :)

  2. Superfina smycken! Jag måste fråga var du får tag på så stora ringar. Jag har köpt mina på eBay och har inte hittat så stora, men det är helt klart snyggast.

  3. Solveig & Saga: cabochonerna har jag köpt på ebay, kolla efter säljaren antique_findings. Ibland har de dock väl långa leveranstider, ibland inte. Ringarna har jag köpt på beadaholique.com, och dessa settings, alltså de ovala kopparna, har jag köpt på ebay. Ganska säker på att antique_findings har något liknande, även om jag köpte från någon annan. Dock varning för att man kan behöva justera formen på settings köpta från antique_findings - men de är billiga. ;)

  4. these are soo pretty, i want to make some too now loll, where do you buy the cabochons from ?

  5. They are awesome, I wish to see them more often ;)


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