Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam England - Grape... Set.. Match

First to be tried out among the new OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam England polishes is Grape... Set... Match.

Three coats. Red leaning purple base with pink/purple/blue, slightly multichrome shimmer. Let's have a few more visuals:

Now tell me this is not a spectacular new take on the much beloved classic purple shimmer! Most of us have a gazillion different versions of it, but this one does stand out. I'm happily surprised by this, since this year in polish hasn't been that great so far. I'm equally happy to report that OPI seems to have mastered their opacity problems as of late. This one is more pigmented than the last few collections have been in general. I still did three coats because I'm like that. I wanted to see if the color would deepen some more, and it did, though I'm fairly certain that some of you will find two coats just as fine.

Grape... Set... Match comes in a duo set together with Servin' Up Sparkle. I did what I always do: glitter gradient tips.

Nice multisized holographic glitter, but I'm not a particular fan of this type of glitter on top of a dark color - it sorta looks like a disease. This is why I'm thinking this will be more of a success with the other set it comes in - which Cammi will show you soon!

Overall, I think this set is very nice, and for any lover of purples, Grape... Set... Match is a must have. Well done, Serena and OPI.

Swedish person of the day:
Björn Hellberg
This guy knows everything about every tennis match that has ever been played, basically. (Weird.)


  1. Oh gorgeous!!, this purple will belong to me. It looks full with sparkles, just as i like.

  2. I am LOVING this combo! I need to get my hands on both!

  3. Unfortunately I didn't like the purple as much as I thought I would :( Flecky purples look all the same to me nowadays...or maybe I am just a bit "sick" of purples ?

    Looks pretty on you though, and I quite like the gradient. I don't think it looks like a disease :)

  4. Jag har inte lockats av de tidigare Serena -lacken men det här var fint

  5. What a pretty color! And I love the design you did on it, so beautiful <3

  6. so pretty i cannot wait until this drops and im sick of the crackles, glad opi has some nice fall colours in the touring america collection. nice post and mice mani too... :)

  7. Two days ago I was sure that these three polishes didn't do anything for me. Yesterday I was proven wrong when I saw a mani with the silver one, and today your pictures made me realize I want, no, NEED all three.

  8. Is it a dupe for OPI Ink? That is one of my favorite colors and this looks really similar.

  9. {KM*}: No, it's not. :) Apart from being your standard purple shimmer, they are not dupey. Whereas OPI Ink has a charcoal purple base, this one is plum purple, red leaning sorta. Hope it helps!

  10. it's beautiful!!! when will it launch international?


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