Friday, May 13, 2011

Collection Noir

The other day I felt like something vampy - you know me by now, I'm defying all the laws of nature and bring out my dark polishes when the sun is shining - and picked out an untried NYX Girls polish, from the current line. This one is called Collection Noir.

I'm pretty sure this was three coats, even though some of you would be happy with two - again, you know me, I'm one of those habitual people who just can't stay away from that third coat. Charcoal black loaded with gold and a little green shimmer, the golden particles seem to be of finely ground foil type.

Up close and in the sun it's crazy gorgeous, but of course it mostly looks like in photos 2 and 3 above. I wish it was like the detailed photos from all distances, but the way it actually appears in reality makes it a little less interesting. I liked it, but I didn't love it. On top of that, drying time was a little slower than I have come to expect from this brand, and for a polish this color. I also had some early chipping on a few of my more damaged nails (which is of course sort of natural, but nonetheless annoying).

All you normal people, don't hate me for this, but I'm posting some death metal - listening is not under any circumstances mandatory. However, the name of the polish reminded me slightly of the title of this song:

Swedish word of the day:
samling -noun collection
A collection of mehs.


  1. So cool I just bought this yesterday!!

  2. Beautiful color!

  3. It seems similar to Catrice "I wear my sunglasses at night". Do you have this one and could do a comparison?

  4. Valerie: Unfortunately, no. :/ Essence isn't sold in Sweden, so the few I have I have swapped for or been gifted by friends. And the one you mention I haven't seen - yet. :)


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