Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Silver Shatter combinations

Since I love the new Silver Shatter from OPI, I had to try some more combinations. When Feline mentioned Silver Shatter and holo in the same sentence, I knew I had to try it! I thought that Silver Shatter would look good over a dark holo so I layered it over Revvvolution! This is the result:

I wish Revvvolution had a stronger holo effect... Nfu Oh 63 has a strong holo effect but something happened (or didn't happen) when I layered Silver Shatter over this pink holo - Silver Shatter barely crackled!? The effect was still pretty cool IMO:

I think Silver Shatter looks more grey than silver without topcoat so I wanted to see if I could enhance the "stone look" by layering it over a dark grey matte. This is Silver Shatter over Orly Iron Butterfly (I know the pictures are crappy but so was the weather):

I already knew I love the combination of Zoya Trixie (a great silver foil) and China Glaze Spellbound (a topcoat with silver and orange glitter) and wanted to see how Silver Shatter would look over this combination. Once again Silver Shatter didn't really crackle, don't ask me why. I think Trixie and Spellbound looks cooler without Silver Shatter (see ring finger in picture three).

Swedish word of the day:
molnigt -adjective cloudy
Not the best swatching weather!


  1. I want! Great combos!

    Too bad about the Nfu Oh polish, I'm sure it would of looked cute (:

  2. Those are some really cool combinations!

  3. I love how the polish cracked differently with each polish! :)

  4. Great combos. Especially love Iron Butterfly one.

  5. Jackie S. - Yes, it's quite unpredictable! =)


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