Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green for luck, part II

I'm so tired tonight that I don't really feel like writing a lot. So, I'll just throw in photos of the green manicure I did for luck, before yesterday's exam. Zoya Ivanka.

Didn't like Ivanka as much as I did Charla. Ivanka needed way more TLC, but wouldn't put out dammit. Beautiful, yes, but not free of flaws. Needed too many thick coats for her to dry well, and I ended up with the infamous shrinking and cuticle drag- and smudges. Of course. It's Zoya.

The sun didn't want to come out for Ivanka, unfortunately. In fact, it has completely disappeared. Not sure you'll believe me now, but... The last couple of days it has been snowing here in the Stockholm area. at least on and off. It is still just above freezing point, so the snow doesn't stay, but still... Come on dammit, I need that spring! Sweden isn't what it used to be. All fucked up from the climate changes. No, now the winters and springs are just like when I was a kid. Cold, snowy, and last fucking forever.

I think I did fairly OK at the exam. Not great, but good. I'll pass well above average, but far from full score...

Swedish word of the evening:
aprilväder -noun April weather
Because it's an effing institution in Sweden...


  1. I love, love, love this polish.
    Good to hear you're gonna pass the exam. =)

  2. Thanks for this post - I've been considering Ivanka.
    Love your gorgeous pictures!!


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